Save up to 80%


Intensive market competition drive companies to a continuous effort of cost cuttings.

ValvesLab truly understands this situation and that’s why we offer you a significant amount of options.

Always the best price on the demand of the biggest valves manufacturer’s products.

The repair cost might range from 70-80% less than buying a new valve, by this way you can 5 repairs instead of buying a new one

Get extra discount by withdrawing your old valves. Send us your old valves, we will estimate their value with no charge and you can take the amount back in cash or get a discount ticket for your next purchase.

Get 18-month warranty instead of 12-month that OEM manufacturers offer. Repairing is our passion and we give you an extra warranty for that.

Our customers save up to 80% by repairing their old servo & proportional valves.

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